Star Dance Academy
Payment is required half-termly in advance for all classes

a) Payment advices will be handed out at the end of each half-term, with payment required at the start of the next class immediately following the school holiday (due dates are stated on the payment advice).

b) ayment must be made by cash or bank transfer via on-line/telephone banking only.

c) Fees WEF 1st January 2012
½ hour Lesson £4.00
45 min Lesson £4.50
1 hour Lesson £5.00 (Children)
£6.00 (Adults)

d) Class fees should be paid on or just before (if online so it is in our account) the due date stated on your payment advice. If payment is not received within the first 2 classes of a half
term, a 10% late payment fee will be added to the amount due after the class on week 3. A further 10% will be added every 2 weeks until payment is received. No exceptions will be made to this rule unless you make an arrangement for the late
payment with Nina or Leigh-Ann only. Anyone who makes an arrangement, but doesn’t stick to it will not be allowed another penalty free arrangement in the future.

Refunds or credit notes will not be issued for any missed classes unless the lesson has been cancelled by Star Dance Academy and cannot be rescheduled or an alternative offered.

Following your first half-term of classes you will need to order your uniform. Uniform must be worn at every class.

Unisex Star Dance Academy T-Shirt
(£8.00 Sizes 3-4 to 12-13, £9.00 for 14-15 and Adult Sizes £10.00)
Black Track Bottoms, Combats, Leggings

Pupils may wear any trainers to class; however they may need black trainers or tap shoes (where applicable).
Four weeks paid notice is required to cancel a place at Star Dance Academy. Should you wish to cancel your place, please contact the principal.
Should you change your mind and wish to return to Star Dance Academy within 12 months of leaving, a rejoining fee of £10.00 will be payable.
Star Dance Academy reserves the right to cancel any class at short notice that does not have a minimum of 10 pupils registered. In this instance no refund will be made for any merchandise purchased, however a refund will be made of fees paid for classes not yet taken.


No refunds will be given on any merchandise (including uniform) purchased from Star Dance Academy. Items can only be exchanged on a like for like basis if the item is unworn and in the original packaging.
If an item is faulty it must be returned in the original packaging where it will be sent back to our supplier for an exchange.


Classes will run in line with school holidays, these will be confirmed to you each year. No further payment free holiday is available.
Missed classes are still payable. Some exceptions may apply with the prior agreement of the school principal.
We will endeavour to keep holidays in line with school terms, however our term dates are subject to change. Plenty of notice will be given if any changes do have to be made.



a) Pupils are expected to arrive promptly for the start of class.
b) Any disruptive behaviour, rudeness or bullying will not be tolerated and the pupil may be asked to sit out of the lesson. Continued bad behaviour will result in a verbal warning and ultimately dismissal.
c) As presentation is key in dance, we would ask that pupils take care of their uniform and come to class well turned out.
We would ask that parents enforce the above rules to ensure that the highest standards are maintained and that we have an enjoyable environment for all.

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